Very low profile high-bay LED luminaire packs a powerful punch!

The HELIOS range is designed for use in spaces requiring high levels of illumination. Commonly used in distribution centres, retail environments and sports facilities HELIOS offers a low maintenance solution for areas where access is limited.

With two output versions as standard the HELIOS range has been designed to offer high efficiency at high lumen outputs.

Helios High-Bay LED Luminaires
Helios High-Bay LED Luminaires

Each of the four LED arrays are thermally isolated and each array is bonded to a high quality aluminium extrusion resulting in exceptional heat management.

The control gear and electrical connections are housed separately within an integral vented enclosure which can also accommodate a PIR sensor and emergency lighting control gear.

These particularly slim suspended luminaires of less than 70mm in height can be optionally supplied with a wire guard to offer protection from mechanical damage.

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