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Modular and Continuous Luminaire Systems

Modus is an innovative new modular LED luminaire system that is designed for easy installation into a range of commercial applications. Its clever design allows for either the installation of individual luminaires or for fully connected systems. Modus is available in both straight lengths and fully lit 90° corners that result in clean uninterrupted lines of light. This versatile lighting system can also be provided with DALI control and a simple to fit self-contained 3 hour emergency pod.


  • Standalone luminaires or connect together to create a continuous system
  • 1200mm and 1500mm fully illuminated straight lengths
  • 600mm x 600mm fully illuminated 90° corners
  • Opalised diffuser
  • Extruded aluminium body
  • Flush-fitting diecast end cap


  • Suspended or surface mounted
  • Fixed output or DALI
  • 3 hour self-contained emergency pod

FAST-TRACK luminaires are available on short lead times. Modus can be despatched 10 days from date of order.
Contact Jordan sales for more information and to order.

Standalone luminaires

Modus straight fittings (1200mm and 1500mm) are suitable for use as standalone luminaires.

Flush-fitting end caps provide a neat finish whether suspended or surface mounted.

Modus stand-alone

Continuous system

Modus luminaires can be easily connected together to provide continuous illumination.

Multiple straight fittings can be connected together to provide long runs and 90° corner modules facilitate changes in direction.

Modus continuous

Truly adaptable

Modus utilises an extruded aluminium housing. Nominal lengths of 1200mm and 1500mm are offered as well as a 600mm x 600mm 90° corner.

The Modus design means it can provide continuous illumination – even into the corners.

Flexible mounting options
Modus can be supplied as either suspended or surface mounted.

An adjustable suspension kit (supplied with each suspended luminaire) allows easy installation at a distance up to 3 metres from the fixing point. A wire clutch mechanism allows easy height adjustment.

Surface mounting is achieved via a first-fix plate (supplied with each surface luminaire) which is fitted to the ceiling.

Emergency Pod

The Linialite eCO range includes an optional 3 hour integral Emergency Pod which provides excellent emergency lighting spacing.


Emergency Pod is supplied complete with a joining kit for use with either surface mounted or suspended luminaires.

modus emergency pod

Modular and continuous luminaire systems


Continuous batten luminaires

spear batten luminaire

Batten luminaires

stave batten luminaire

Batten luminaires

arrow batten luminaire

Circular luminaires

discus circular luminaire

High bay luminaires

helios high bay luminaires

Vapour proof luminaires

vulcan ip65 vapour proof luminaires

Vulcan Xtreme
High bay luminaires

vulcan xtreme high bay luminaires

Amenity Square
Cast aluminium luminaires

amenity square cast aluminium luminaires

Amenity Round
Cast aluminium luminaires

amenity round cast aluminium luminaires

Cast aluminium luminaires

deco cast aluminium luminaires

Surface and pendant mounted

halo circular surface pendant mounted luminaires