Lighting Manufacturers – Jordan Reflectors

Lighting manufacturers of state of the art luminaires and optical controls for the OEM market!


Jordan Reflectors Limited are possibly the largest lighting manufacturers that nobody has ever heard of. An old cliché but true.

Jordan Reflectors is part of the Jordan Lighting Group. They have manufacturing facilities in the UK, Germany, Bosnia and China. We are specialist lighting manufacturers for the OEM market.

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We work within a strict regime of client confidentiality. The highly experienced Jordan design team assist with the development of products. These products meet the specific demands of projects being handled by our lighting partners.

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Jordan are not burdened with the need to produce high volumes of the same product. The Jordan factory has maintained a degree of manual input from craftsmen. This allows products of more complex and aesthetic design to be realised.

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Lighting Manufacturers to the OEM market

Jordan Reflectors are lighting manufacturer partners to Original Equipment Manufacturers. We are proud to operate as a manufacturing partner. Jordan Reflectors offer a full ‘concept to assembly’ service. This service is for high grade optical louvres, luminaire enclosures and complete bespoke luminaires. There is no Jordan brand. Products are only supplied to lighting projects through recognised OEMs specialising in the building services sector. We pride ourselves on providing a totally confidential service.

Jordan Reflectors are part of a multi-national Group. Jordan Reflectors in the UK offer OEM customers additional lighting manufacturer services. These include spun aluminium reflectors and injection moulded reflectors. We also offer anodised finishing, vacuum metalised finishes and aluminium casting. Jordan Reflectors are also able to offer high volume assembly.

Jordan Reflectors - lighting manufacturers