Jordan Reflectors have comprehensive testing facilities. These enable us to verify all relevant characteristics of our own designs, as well as providing this service to third party organisations.


The Jordan laboratory is equipped with a goniophotometer for the measurement of luminous Intensity distribution. The goniophotometer is suitable for measurements on all types of luminaires up to 1,800mm in length. All measurements are made in accordance with EN 13032 and results are prepared in report format plus an electronic .ltd ELUMDAT file.

A luminaire is mounted to our goniophotometer and taken through a computer controlled set sequence of measuring angles (elevation and azimuth). This measures the angular distribution of light in order to produce polar curves in conjunction with tests undertaken by our integrator.

The goniophotometer also measures circuit watts of the fitting and power factor. The goniophotometer produces .LDT, TM14 and IES files. (CLICK HERE to read more about the GO-2000 goniophotometer.)



The Jordan laboratory also has a photometric integrator which is used in conjunction with the goniophotometer to measure the efficiency of luminaires and also to establish actual luminous flux. Our integrator room measures approximately 3 square metres and is used to test fluorescent fittings up to 1,800mm long.

Fluorescent fittings
Our integrator is used to measure the reflected light output from fluorescent fittings. If a fitting has multiple lamps, the integrator will measure each lamp individually to arrive at a Light Output Ratio (LOR).

LED fittings
The integrator is used to measure the lumen output of LED fittings 1,500mm, or greater, in length. (Shorter LED fittings are measured in our Integrating Sphere.)

Integrating Sphere

Our Integrating Sphere is suitable for measuring LED products up to 1,200mm long. As well as measuring the lumen output of fittings, the Integrating Sphere, in conjunction with our Haas 1200 Accurate Array Spectrometer, also measures the colour temperature of LEDs.

The Accurate Array Spectrometer is used to produce a spectral analysis graph.

In-house Integrating Sphere
In-house Integrating Sphere

Comprehensive reports

Following testing in the Jordan laboratories, we produce a fully comprehensive photometric report.

A typical report consists of a polar curve, an intensity chart, a luminance chart, light output ratios, nominal and maximum space-to-height mounting ratios, utilisation factors and glare rating.

The report includes .LDT, TM14 and IES files which can be used in lighting calculation programs such as Relux and Dialux.

EMC testing

All luminaire designs (particularly those incorporating high frequency ballasts) must be tested to ensure they comply with the Electro Magnetic Compatibility Directive. The Jordan laboratory has all of the required test equipment to measure both conducted and radiated emissions in accordance with the relevant European Norm Standards.