Jordan Reflectors have a comprehensive range of plant, operated by fully trained and experienced team members, capable of producing dynamic products and components.

Our facilities include presses, rollers, press brakes, slitting machines, forming, rolling, welding, assembly, wiring and paint plant.

Trumpf CNC, Power Press Punching and Multi-Stage Line Press machines give scope for a variety of material sizes and thicknesses to be punched with great accuracy and efficiency.

Fasti Rollers, Guifil Manuel Press Brake and Adira CNC Forming machines allow smooth curves and sharp bends to be applied. Punched and rolled components are then welded to a high quality in our Mig and Tack Welding facility.

Paint Plant consisting of Degreasing and Phosphating Unit, Drying Oven, Spraying Booth and Curing Oven provides a high quality just-in-time powder coating facility.

The Jordan Reflectors assembly section is utilised to assemble bodies, frames and bracketry.

Jordan Reflectors Assembly
CNC Forming
CNC Forming
Line Press
Line Press
Trumpf CNC Press
Trumpf CNC Press

Partial Plant List

  • Trumpf 200 and 2000 CNC Punching Machines
  • Various Bed Size Power Press Punching Machines
  • Fasti Rollers
  • Guifil Manuel Press Brake Machines
  • Adira, Edwards and Barns CNC Press Brake Machines
  • Mig and Tack Welding Facility
  • Four stage Paint Plant including Degreasing and Phosphating unit, Drying Oven, Spraying Booth and Curing Oven

Jordan Reflectors Facilities

Jordan Reflectors - Paint Plant
Paint Plant