LINIALITE is an innovative modular LED luminaire system.

LINIALITE has been designed to provide uninterrupted lines of light for a range of commercial and architectural applications.

LINIALITE is available to custom designs as well as in standard configurations. Its clever design ensures minimal visual impact with maximum effectiveness.


  • Continuous lines of light
  • Unique ‘any angle’ intersections
  • Suspended, surface or recessed mounting
  • Diecast end cap
  • 3m adjustable suspension kit
  • Single or twin point suspension


  • DALI dimming
  • Wireless operation
  • Uplighting
  • Integral presence detectors
  • Standard, self-test and DALI emergency

Using a combination of straight lengths and intersections, LINIALITE provides continuous lines of light.

The welded and dressed intersections (with leg lengths of 300mm), can be supplied to many specified angles (horizontally or vertically) and connected to straight lengths to form runs of almost any length.

LINIALITE provides a continuous lighting experience – even up a flight of stairs, along a winding corridor or following the contours of an irregularly shaped room.

The LINIALITE range is ideal for providing general lighting in commercial and architectural applications such as offices, meeting rooms, circulation and reception areas.


Fixed and Flexible Connections

90° fixed and ‘any angle’ flexible connectors are available to give non-continuous lighting.

The connectors provide all power and control requirements thereby simplifying installation.

LINIALITE 90 degree fixed angle
LINIALITE flexible angles

LINIALITE is available in two widths – 40mm (LIN4) and 60mm (LIN6).

LIN4 is 62mm deep and available in suspended and surface mounted versions.

LIN6 is 93mm deep and available in recessed as well as suspended and surface mounted versions.

LINIALITE - two sizes

LINIALITE can be suspended, surface mounted or recessed*.

Surface mounting is achieved via a first fix plate fitted to the ceiling while 1.5 metre adjustable suspension kits are otherwise supplied as standard.


*LIN6 only can be recessed.

LINIALITE suspended mounting
LINIALITE surface mounting
LINIALITE recessed mounting


LINIALITE is available with a choice of three optics:

Linialite opal
Linialite microprism
Linialite diffused microprism

Suspended versions of the LINIALITE can be supplied with additional uplight illumination from the top side of the housing.

Uplighting is available in any length over 1200mm. The ratio of downlighting to uplighting is variable and can be discussed during specification.

Linialite Uplight

LINIALITE can be supplied as standard in pure white, traffic white, jet black and white aluminium.

Any colour from the RAL palette can also be supplied.

LINIALITE all colours


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