Jordan Reflectors Photometric Services

Jordan Photometric Services provide a range of luminaire testing services from our dedicated facilities in Basildon, Essex.

Staffed by highly qualified and experienced lighting engineers and designers, Jordan Photometric Services provide accredited testing services with a difference – we are also able to provide impartial design advice!

LIA accredited

LIA Accredited Photometric Services feature Integrated Sphere Measurements and Far-Field Gonio Measurements.

Jordan Photometric Services LIA certification


GO-2000 goniophotometer

LIA Certification – Areas Assessed

In order to achieve LIA accreditation, we were assessed on a wide range of functions. These included Quality Management System, Document Control, Procedures for Non-Conformances, Corrective and Preventative Actions, Records, Management Responsibility, Personnel and Training, Test Procedures, Test Equipment, Traceability Equipment Maintenance and Calibration and Independence and Impartiality.

Assessment was carried out in line with the requirements set out in LIA Laboratories Technical Scheme Document TSD-002 (sphere photometry) and TSD-003 (goniophotometry).

Independence and Impartiality

Independence and Impartiality is an area of great importance to us. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a fully confidential service, from enquiry to delivery. Our key service is to provide bespoke product design and manufacture to the OEM market and our LIA accreditation officially confirms that this also includes photometric testing.

Product Types

Our LIA certification covers all lamp types across industrial and commercial, floodlights and architectural illumination, emergency and hazardous area applications. Whatever the light source for your luminaire, we can provide photometric testing for it.


Jordan Reflectors Testing

When testing is carried out in accordance with the agreed processes, Jordan Photometric Services is deemed to comply with the requirements of LIA Technical Scheme Documents TSD-002 (sphere photometry), TSD-003 (gonio photometry) and the methodologies specified in BS EN 13032-1:2004+A1:2012.

LIA accredited photometric services with impartial advice

We have become one of only two companies worldwide who have goniophotometry accreditation from the LIA. We are also the only organisation that supports OEMs with photometric testing services.

Our independence, and reputation for confidentiality, means we are in a unique position to provide design assistance not normally available from an external test house.

Whatever your lighting product – luminaire, LED module, LED lamp etc – we can test all aspects of its performance.

Having trouble with luminaire design?

Is the light not going where you want it? Are you not achieving the outputs or efficiencies you were hoping for? As part of our photometric testing services we also offer design assistance. Whether you’re at the initial proposal stage or have developed a prototype we can help. Contact our sales department today to get the ball rolling.