Not being burdened with the need to produce high volumes of the same product, the Jordan factory has maintained a degree of manual input from craftsmen allowing products of more complex and aesthetic design to be realised.

Even the choice of machines has been influenced by the desire to produce accurate and ever more attractive products.

Jordan engineers understand how hard tooling can be utilised to produce consistent quality at affordable prices. We have a close working association with Alanod. They are specialists in surface and aluminium finishing. This provides us with an excellent understanding of how reflector materials can be used to create products with excellent photometric performance and practicality to suit their application.

Fast and efficient lighting manufacture

The biggest advantage offered by the OEM focused Jordan Group is to create a new product ‘quickly’. A concept can be turned into a prototype within a matter of days. Our immediate in-house testing can highlight improvement opportunities and a new sample can be manufactured immediately. Once performance targets have been met the factory can initiate full production without delay.

Orders for generic (existing) products are fulfilled in just 17 working days. Orders for bespoke products are fulfilled in only 30 working days. This isn’t merely a claim for sales purposes – throughout 2012 and 2013 we delivered every single order on time!

It is possible to achieve even shorter lead times than those above. Holding stock metal on site allows us to manufacture generic products quicker. Our manufacturing flexibility and efficiency is one of many strengths we are proud of here at Jordan.

Skilled operatives ensure excellence in lighting manufacture

All our manufacturing team members are multi-skilled. We rotate our team to ensure the greatest efficiency on a daily basis. We are proud of our ‘can do’ mentality which is shared throughout our team. Whatever your requirements are, we will do our utmost to ensure complete satisfaction.

New production lines

Since 2011, we have implemented a complete new factory layout to improve product flow. We have also introduced a series of new production lines to improve productivity and efficiency levels as well as Just In Time manufacturing principles.