Jordan Reflektoren GmbH

Originally founded in 1924 for the manufacture of spun aluminium cookware the company moved into the manufacturing of reflector products in the 1940’s.

Initially concentrating on spun aluminium products for the lighting industry the Wuppertal plant quickly recognised the benefits of bright anodised finishes and soon became the leading player within the German reflector market.

Jordan Reflektoren GmbH subsequently developed lighting louvre products and concentrated predominantly on the quality end of the market.

In recent years the company has further developed their capabilities of producing reflectors by adding plastic injection moulding facilities and vacuum metalised finishing.

Jordan Reflectors Ltd

Formerly ADD Ltd this company was originally established in the 1970s for the production of aluminium louvres and reflectors and quickly became one of the UK’s leading manufacturers supplying many of the luminaire manufacturers in the industry.

In response to the demands of their customers, Jordan Reflectors developed design, test and manufacturing capabilities so they could offer a concept to production service to the lighting OEM sector.

Jordan Reflectors differs from other lighting subcontractors in that they are design & development orientated and thus very proactive in luminaire design. Work is carried out for many of the major UK and European lighting companies.

Emergency Lighting Products Ltd

Emergency Lighting Products

A strong team of design engineers and the close association with sister company Emergency Lighting Products Ltd, based in Billingshurst Sussex, ensures that Jordan Reflectors Limited continue to lead the lighting market with innovative products utilising the latest LED and fluorescent light sources; complex control systems and emergency lighting versions.

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