Jordan Reflectors are specialists in commercial lighting design. Our expertise includes some of the most talented designers in the commercial lighting industry. Jordan Reflectors also have some of the best manufacturing facilities for commercial lighting design.

Our skills ensure we are able to design commercial lighting products that meet the most stringent demands. We utilise our impressive skill set to design and sell both bespoke and generic commercial lighting solutions. Bespoke products are designed in conjunction with third party businesses. They are never offered directly to the market by Jordan Reflectors. Generic products, however, are competitively priced high quality luminaires. Generic products are available to anyone.




CLICK HERE for the LINIALITE product range


Contour/CB with decorative colour diffuser side panels

CLICK HERE for the RECESSED product range


Feather Rectangular and Round Suspended

CLICK HERE for the SUSPENDED product range


Titan Single and Twin

CLICK HERE for the VAPOURPROOF product range


AMENITY MAX - eyelid

CLICK HERE for the DIECAST product range


Opallite RT Recessed LED Luminaire with blue border

CLICK HERE for the CLEAN ROOM product range


Hi-LED high bay luminaire

CLICK HERE for the HIGH-BAY product range

Confidentiality in commercial lighting design

Our speciality is in designing commercial lighting products in conjunction with lighting partners. We work with you in the strictest confidence at all times. All dealings will be handled with the utmost discretion. The end user will have no idea you have worked with us to develop your commercial lighting solutions. Products can be despatched direct to end-users. In this case they leave us with your own branding and paperwork to ensure our anonymity.

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