Jordan Reflectors Limited – possibly the largest lighting manufacturer that nobody has ever heard of. An old cliché but true. Carry on reading to find out more about us . . .

Jordan Reflectors is part of the Jordan Lighting Group which has manufacturing facilities in Wuppertal & Olbernhau (Germany), Gradacac (Bosnia), Shanghai & Zhongshan (China) and Basildon & Billingshurst (UK).

The Group has a close association with Alanod and therefore has access to the very latest anodised aluminium materials and processes required for the manufacture of reflector and louvre products.

The Jordan Group also has expertise in metal spinning, injection moulding, metalising and anodising. Jordan in the UK use all of the Group resources but has also developed capabilities which make the company an ideal ‘one stop shop’ for Original Equipment Manufacturers in all sectors of the lighting industry. Jordan offer a rapid development service which can take a concept and then progress the design, prototype, testing and full production stages in a fraction of the time that the in-house teams of most lighting manufacturers would take.

Jordan Reflectors manufacturing

To achieve this Jordan has a dedicated design team, a fully equipped development laboratory including EMC test equipment, a goniophotometer and an integrating cube plus all of the machines and skilled craftsmen necessary to manufacture state of the art luminaires and optical controls.

Jordan also has a subsidiary company that specialises in emergency lighting.

Working with you and for you!

Jordan Reflectors pressed sheets

When you choose to work with Jordan, you choose a professional, highly competent business partner with over 30 years of manufacturing experience and recognised for its secured position as a trusted supplier of ‘catalogued’ products to major lighting companies and also acts as the ‘custom products division’ to many of the biggest names in the industry.

Luminaires are designed to comply with the requirements of European Norm EN60598, but Jordan UK also have considerable experience in manufacturing products to suit specific market requirements (e.g. DIN5040 requirements for Germany, UL1598 requirements for the USA, etc).

Joradn Reflectors formed sheets

Jordan never sell direct to the end user and there is no ‘Jordan’ brand. The company only supplies OEM companies and ensures client confidentiality at all times. Jordan is an active member of the Lighting Industry Association, maintains a registered ISO9001 Quality System and operates a registered ICEL1004 Conversion Facility.