An exciting addition to the OpalLite CL range of Recessed LED luminaires, the OpalLite RT are optimised for retail, education and hospitality environments.

Like the OpalLite CL, the OpalLITE RT benefits from a long-lasting, low maintenance design. However, what makes the OpalLite RT stand out is its innovative border design.


  • Long-life, energy-efficient LEDs and driver
  • Low profile recessed body (<55mm)
  • Even illumination
  • Opalised central optic
  • Simple recessed installation
  • Designed for either universal 15mm or 24mm exposed grid system with 600mm cross tees
  • IP65 (from beneath)


  • Almost limitless choice of border colours and designs
  • DALI
  • Three hour standard emergency
  • Three hour Self-Test and DALI
  • Central battery
  • Air handling

Photometric data

CurrentLuminaire lumensPower

Almost limitless border design

Corporate identity or colour zoning can now be enhanced with the OpalLITE RT.

OpalLITE RT builds on the base OpalLITE CL model that features a simple white outer border that frames the homogeneous back-lit opalised optic. OpalLITE RT provides a border that can be supplied cut to almost any design and in a wide range of colour finishes.

Formica logoThe border can be supplied in a wide range of Formica colour finishes. OpalLite RT is therefore ideal where a corporate identity or colour zoning is required.

Opallite RT Recessed LED Luminaires with black border
Opallite RT Recessed LED Luminaires with blue border
Opallite RT Recessed LED Luminaires with red border
Opallite RT Recessed LED Luminaires with black cross border

OpalLITE RT energy-efficient luminaires can be supplied with silhouette designs to virtually any pattern. This gives a truly bespoke finish, allowing designers to create a unique aesthetic.

We provide black, blue and red finishes as standard but this is only a snapshot of what is available – contact us for details.


For full details about the OpalLITE RT range, please call us on 01268 415828 or CLICK HERE to send us an email