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Clean aesthetic lines. Even aesthetic light.

Drawing on its many years of experience and technical knowledge of precision optical design Jordan has created this contemporary range of products that bridges the gap between the demand for increased efficiencies and current design aspirations.

The latest DESIGNERLITE range of recessed T5 luminaires features three high performing central optics, all resulting in high LORs with excellent glare control and all without compromising looks or ease of installation.

The optically exacting satin diffuser panels provide a large luminous area, resulting in a pleasing appearance whilst still satisfying an exceptionally high performance criterion. With versions for various lamp options and control gear together with integral three hour emergency control gear this family of products is available to suit most ceiling types and sizes.

The entire DESIGNERLITE range is available with various optic lengths allowing for luminaire designs of up to 1200mm. Both the recessed and surface versions offer the same excellent efficiencies that comfortably exceed 55 lumens per circuit watt, thus satisfying the requirements of Part L2 with a number of lamp options going beyond to achieve more than 60 lumens per circuit watt.

Here Jordan continues to demonstrate its total commitment to the development of high quality engineered lighting solutions to meet the requirements of the modern lighting OEM.

Designerlite Frost 1200mm x 300mmPerformance inspired design is the driving force behind this latest FROST optic central lens development.

Jordan have optimised a CDP lens construction combining a flat CDP panel with precise linear prism side elevations in a single optic, producing a tuned light distribution suitable for many applications.

A specially selected polycarbonate granule mix allows for maximised light transmission through the optic where the traditional associated losses with other materials are often deemed unacceptable. With a proven high performance coupled with a geometrically sympathetic design the FROST3 brings the marriage of exceptional efficiency and outstanding aesthetic design a step closer to reality.

Designerlite Ice 1200mm x 300mmThe outstanding photometric performance of the ICE optic has been achieved without compromise to design, with a keen eye remaining firmly on the luminaire aesthetics from conception to delivery.

The use of the Jordan designed curved central linear prism, together with advanced reflector technology, means the ICE satisfies both the demands of efficiencies and the quest for a better lit environment.

The optic merges effortlessly within the back lit satin diffuser panels which provide a visually large luminous area that appears to ‘lift’ the ceiling.

Designerlite Space 1200mm x 300mmAchieving maximum efficiencies from modern lamp technologies within recessed luminaire designs requires specialist light tools such as high quality engineered micro louvres.

By combining best design practice with modern construction techniques, together with ‘best in class’ materials, superior performance can now be realised.

Here the SPACE2 micro louvre design is optimised for T5 technology and uses MIRO® SILVER to achieve impressive LORs within a trusted luminaire design. The multiple wrap around closed wedge louvre assemblies ensure that any light loss is minimised, whilst still delivering a low glare luminaire solution for the modern lit interior.