Linialite in Action #2 – Audi, Portadown

Our innovative Linialite range has been chosen once again for a high profile public-facing project.

Portadown Audi is one of the top performing Audi Centres in the UK and have been located at their Carn Court premises since 2006.

During a recent refurbishment Chroma Lighting selected the Jordan Linialite range to provide an innovative lighting solution.

Used both at a high level, above the main showroom, and in separate offices, the modular Linialite is a striking addition to this impressive project.

Audi Portadown Linialite Chroma

Chroma Lighting have specified and installed Linialite on multiple projects (see our Arup, Belfast story).

This time Linialite surface mounted and suspended was used in striking straight lines to complement the long showroom with a high ceiling featuring striking visible building services.

Lloyd Crawford, of Chroma Lighting, is a big fan of Linialite. Lloyd says, “Chroma Lighting have been using Linialite since its release and have found it to be the ideal solution for many lighting tasks. Healthcare, offices, retail and education, are all enhanced by its performance and simple elegance. The design lends itself to almost any application and the variety of optical controls makes in much more efficient than most of its competitors. Though we’ve tried hard to push the boundaries of its use, Jordan Reflectors have always provided superb service and fast turn around on design and supply.”

Audi Portadown Linialite Chroma

Easy integration of Linialite with third party fixtures

Audi Portadown Linialite Chroma Lighting

Lloyd is particularly pleased with the outcome of using Linialite at Audi, Portadown. “The strong graphic lines of the Linialite create a sense of speed within the space, which is reflected on the cars below, while the spots on the lighting track within the Linialite add drama and emphasis on specific cars.” enthused Lloyd. “Overall, the lighting installation echoes Audi’s own focus on speed, peerless engineering and flawless design.”

Audi Portadown Linialite Chroma Lighting
Audi Portadown Linialite Chroma Lighting

About Linialite

Linialite is an innovative modular and continuous LED luminaire system.

It is available with suspended, surface or recessed mounting and features long life, energy efficient LEDs. Linialite’s unique feature is its ‘any angle’ intersections. Truly bespoke runs and shapes of continuous lighting are easily achieved.

Options include uplighting, DALI dimming, microwave and infrared sensors and self-test and DALI emergency.

Audi Portadown Linialite Chroma
Audi Portadown Linialite Chroma

Surface mounted Linialite modules have also been used in the offices at Audi, Portadown.

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