Linialite in action – stunning results at Arup, Belfast

Arup Offices Belfast

This month we’re bringing you pictures of a fantastic installation of our innovative Linialite range.

Bedford House in Belfast is a unique commercial office hub in the heart of the city. It is home to Arup, one of the world’s leading engineering practices.

A recent refurbishment saw our Linialite range of modular and continuous LED luminaires fitted widely throughout Arup’s offices.

Arup Offices Belfast

Linialite can be suspended, recessed or surface mounted and is available in standard configurations or to a custom design. This makes it unique in its appeal and adaptability.

Another outstanding project supplied by Northern Ireland’s Chroma Lighting, the Linialite installation at Bedford House makes use of this ranges flexibility to great effect.

Bedford House Belfast Aurp offices
Meeting room

A meeting room makes use of recessed Linialite luminaires with 90 degree intersections. This produces a continuous rectangular loop which provides even illumination for all meeting attendees.

Bedford House Belfast Aurp offices
Breakout area

A breakout area features an exposed ceiling with suspended timber detailing. Suspended Linialite luminaires are used to great effect.

Bedford House Belfast Aurp offices

Corridor lighting takes advantage of the modular nature of the recessed Linialite luminaires. The fittings have been placed at non-linear angles along the corridor ceiling, giving a stylish appearance whilst maintaining uniform illumination.

About Linialite

Linialite is an innovative modular and continuous LED luminaire system.

It is available with suspended, surface or recessed mounting and features long life, energy efficient LEDs. Linialite’s unique feature is its ‘any angle’ intersections. Truly bespoke runs and shapes of continuous lighting are easily achieved.

Options include uplighting, DALI dimming, microwave and infrared sensors and self-test and DALI emergency.

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